Upcoming Training

Data analysis using Stata

Stata, a powerful statistical software can be used in various field of science, economics, biomedicine, public health, etc.  in your daily lives as a researcher. It can provide you with everything that you need for data analysis, data management and graphical representation within no time and accurately. The built-in commands to manage and clean data to more advance analysis such as performing regression models.

August 2 - August 8, 2021

GIS for Public Health

GIS is an important tool in public health and epidemiology and its spatial analytical capability will help you better understand public health problems. Our course using open source GIS tool will enable you to appreciate how place matters in public health.

September 6 - September 11, 2021

Statistics in R

R statistical software is a popular open-source solution for data analysis and visualization. Training in R will covers data input/output, data management and manipulation, and constructing useful and informative graphics. This course is ideal for public health individuals who have never used R but have some experience with another statistical package like STATA, SPSS, or SAS. This training will consist of interactive lectures followed by a laboratory work, where participants will apply the skills taught in the lecture using real data.

September 20 -September 26, 2021

International course on Field Epidemiology

Field Epidemiology training program is an applied epidemiology course that is aimed at producing well-trained multidisciplinary public health professionals who are competent in health surveillance systems, outbreak detection and response to health threats, and management of emerging and re-emerging diseases. In recent years, the Ministries of Health has recognized the importance of strengthening the capacity of the public health system.

November 15 - November 30, 2021

Training on Hospital Management

This course is designed for hospital managers who are looking forward to improving their skills in hospital administration. This course covers process management, material management, human resource management, operation management and many more.

December 20 - December 24, 2021

REDCap for Public Health Researchers

REDCap has now become a must-have online platform for public health esperts for data collection, be it for disease surveillance or research data collection.

December 20 - December 24, 2021