R statistics for beginners

by | Jun 29, 2021

What you will learn

This introductory course will introduce the participants to R and R-studio. Here, the participants are expected to learn how to use R for conducting data analysis and visualizing data. This course includes modules to import data into R, cleaning and manipulating data using the package “dplyr”, visualizing data using “ggplot 2” and conduct descriptive analysis. In the last two days of training, you will learn how to use R to analyze AMR data and AMR package to work with microbial and antimicrobial properties using evidence-based methods and reliable reference data such as LPSN.

General requirements

This training requires you to have basic knowledge of operating computer, use of softwares inlcuding web browsers. Knowledge in AMR and basic statistics will be extremely useful.

Who needs this course

This training course is aimed at training clinicians, Nurses, public health experts, laboratory personnels, veterinarians and students who wants to learn R statistics to analyse health and AMR data and applying the information to formulate evidence-based policy for control and prevention of emergence of MDR micro-organisms.

CRN ITEM Fee (Nu.)
7002.00 R statistics for AMR 25000.00