Data Analysis Using Stata

by | Jun 29, 2021

What will you learn from this training

This training is an intense biostatistics course using Stata®, a popular industry standard software among the public health experts. In this training, you will learn about probability, expectations, conditional probabilities, distributions, confidence intervals, binomial proportions, and much more. You will also learn useful tips and tricks to excel using Stata®. Data management, programming , use of graphical representation of data and training on advaced features of the software will also be provided.

General requirements

This training requires you to have basic knowledge of operating computer, use of softwares inlcuding web browsers. Knowledge in biostatistics and public health will be extremely useful, however, it is not a must. Our trainers will teach you the use of statistics in public health along the way!

Who needs this course

This training course is aimed at training clinicians, Nurses, public health experts, laboratory personnels, veterinarians and students who wants to learn to analyse health data using Stata® software and interpret to help them better understand the health data. At the end of this training you will be confident in your ability to engage with Stata and handle data efficiently.

CRN Item Fee
7000.00 Stata Training 25000.00